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What is Rakeback and How to Benefit from RakeBack:

When playing for real money, its important for online poker players to be aware of certain terminology and understand that there are benefits available for avid players. It’s no secret major online poker sites make bundles of money, but what some don’t realize is the number of special rewards offered to vip players.

With some research, players can discover the best places on the net to spend their cash. We always make it a point to remind players to review all the safety tips for online poker entertainment. Knowing and understanding what you are getting into, makes the venture much more pleasing.

What is RakeBack?

Every Poker room needs to make money and RakeBack is how they accomplish this. Every Poker room deducts a percentage of money from each pot/ante. Percentages are different from room to room. The usual however, is 2 or 3%, and caps at about $3. Poker Rooms also use tournaments to make money.

To give you a basic idea of potentially how much a room can make it only takes simple calculations. For instance, a poker player contributes to the Rake at about $1000 per month. The room hosts about 10,000 players; therefore the amount of money is staggering.

RakeBack Benefits

With the Poker Room obviously making lots of money, they don’t want to neglect their players, so they make sure it becomes beneficial to you as well. It’s a fact that they want you to return again and again. In its most basic term, a RakeBack is a refund to the players. The money you contribute to the room is given back in a percentage.

The average is usually 25 to 40%; for example you receive a 25% RakeBack and you rake about $1000 per month; you get back $250. So, ultimately the more you rake the more you get back.

By browsing and researching review sites, you can find much better deals. In order to participate in a RakeBack program you are required to register, which is usually through some sort of affiliate site. The sites do however take a low percentage of your winnings, but the advantages still makes it worth it.

You can Always look out for the great deals by staying informed and watching out for promotional codes as well. Our best advice is to sign-up for newsletters when on these sites.

RakeBack is really only a win-win situation. Some sound advice we can leave you with is – Short-handed poker will always get you involved in more pots, so rakeback becomes more rewarding.

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