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Downloading the software to play games for online casinos is an easy process. For beginners, we have listed the steps involved to give you an overview of what to expect. Keep in mind many online casinos offer you the chance for FREE play, which we highly recommend. When you are ready to play for real money, most downloadable software gives you a quick button on the menu for ‘REAL PLAY’.

There is also the option to play online with no downloading involved. This method is referred to as ‘Flash’ games. A ‘Flash Player’, allows a person to play directly on site. You more than likely have seen many of these through out the Internet. 

Here is a simple breakdown of the steps involved:


1.    Once you find an online casino site you like and you are ready to start playing, click on the ‘Download Software’ icon. This icon or link is easily visible on site. In fact, it will more than likely be flashing right in your face.
2.    You will then be given the option to ‘save’ the program. Click on ‘save’ so it downloads to your computer.
3.    You then need to choose a location to save the file. It is recommended you save directly to your desktop for easy access. If you choose otherwise, make sure you save it in a location you will remember.
4.    The file will not begin downloading to your desktop.


1.    Once installation is complete, go to the icon located on your desktop and double click to open.
2.    You then can choose the location for the file, however the wizard will make recommendations, which we advise you to follow.
3.    Now you wait until the installation process is complete and you can start playing. It may be required that you register first with the online casino. This is also recommended because you get instant access to online support and customer service.

Fun Play

1.    After all downloading is complete; the online casino will give you the option for ‘FREE PLAY’, or ‘PRACTICE PLAY’. This gives you an opportunity to feel around and get used to the methods of playing.
2.    The software offers a ‘Lobby’, to imitate a live casino. In this Lobby, which is more of a menu, you choose what method you would like to begin with. 
3.    The Lobby also lists all of the games available to play. Depending on what online casino you chose, you could begin playing a variety of casino games.

Real Play

1.    Once you feel confident with the games, and you know the ins and outs you may choose the option ‘REAL MONEY’, or ‘PLAY FOR MONEY’. 
2.    By choosing the real play option, at this point you do have to register with the online casino. You will then receive a username and password.
3.    Once you click ‘Ok’ for your username and password, you will be directed to a ‘Login’ screen. Enter your new username and password and log on.
4.    You then enter the Lobby and simply choose your game. You then must click on ‘Cashier’ too make a money deposit.

Please always remember to read the fine print when downloading or dealing with money.

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