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Overview for Beginners

An online casino tournament is where you get to show off your mad skills in any game you choose. It’s also a way to win great prizes and loads of cash. Most every type of online casino game provides the chance to participate in a tournament. The buy in for such tournaments can range from totally free to thousands of dollars.

In Poker, tournaments can be challenging and requires a level of skill. However, there are many forms of tournaments, which cater to new fish. There are several types of tournaments available for Poker, which include the following:

Sit-n-go – These happen at one table with six or more players. Players play until one person has all the chips. This type of tournament is rather quick and additional buy-ins is not allowed.

Free Roll – These tournaments are free to enter and can last several hours. Spots are given out until every spot is full.

Guaranteed Tournaments – Great for beginners, guaranteed tournaments set a minimum on prize pools. This basically means a player is ‘guaranteed’ to win at least that amount. There are usually multiple tables and the buy in is relatively low.

Freeze Out – Each player starts with the number of chips they purchases and play until those chips are gone. Players cannot buy back in the tournament.

Re-Buy Tourney’s – Players can purchase more chips to keep themselves in the game. There are always a large number of players and the buy in is pretty pricey. 

Satellite – Players play for a chance to make it into a bigger tourney. There is no money actually won in this tournament. Online casinos will host Satellite tourney’s to weed out the better players. This takes place usually about two weeks before a big money tournament. 

Online Game Tournaments

There are several online casino games, which allow you to play for free as well. Perfect examples include Online Bingo and Slots. When playing for real money, slots offers players a pretty low buy in. Jackpots are usually progressive, which means they go up and up and up. 

Slots also features Free Roll tourney’s, as well as guaranteed and quick tourneys. Online Bingo features much of the same. It also has a low buy in with progressive jackpots available to win.

Other notable online casino game tourneys include:

•    Blackjack
•    Video Poker
•    Baccarat
•    Roulette

Virtually, almost every online casino has a tournament you may enter to win money or even free play.

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