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The Ten Commandments of Online Gambling

Before gambling away your hard earned cash, its best to be aware of certain standards when it comes to online gambling. There will be certain things you want to look for and definitely certain things you want to read. This site is designed to give beginners an extra-added edge to gambling online. Be sure to read through the ‘Intro Guide’ to fully understand what to expect. For now, here is the ten commandments to gambling online for quick study and review.

1.    Thou shall always read and understand all regulations

Here at bestgamblingonline.org we offer reviews of reputable online casino sites. Each of our reviewed casino sites stipulates their rules and regulations. Whether its through ‘Terms of Use’ or ‘Service’, we encourage you to read through every line and pay special attention to the small print.

2.    Thou shall know the LAW

Depending on your location, it is extremely important to understand the law in your jurisdiction or city. If you are a US citizen it is especially important to understand enforced gambling regulations. There are some online casino sites that do not accept US players. It’s nothing against the US of course, but certain states have banned online gambling.

3.    Thou shall always play for FREE first

A great majority of online casinos offer free play and so they should. If you are interested in games like Stud Poker, Texas Hold’em and even Craps, its best to practice first. For games such as Poker, you want to understand and build basic strategy. For a game like Craps, there are plenty of bets/wagers available and can become confusing for the beginner. Practicing and understanding all types of wagers is the best way to ensure a positive outcome.

4.    Thou shall always budget carefully

Before wagering real money at online casinos, its best to ask yourself a few questions first: Am I struggling to pay the bills at home? Do I have some extra cash budgeted for entertainment purposes?

Common sense dictates if you are behind in the electric bill and have very little food in the cupboards, its best you avoid playing for real money at the time being. Use your head and figure out priorities. We can pretty much guarantee you that online casino gambling will be here for many years to come.

5.    Thou shall always make smart wagers or bets

Its important to remember that casinos, whether online or in-house can swallow up your money pretty quick. And as stated above you should always budget carefully and set a limit for your venture. By simply pacing yourself and your money, you can have an entertaining experience. 

6.    Thou shall never chase losses

There is a very popular myth when it comes to gambling online. Many unfortunately believe if you bet larger you can recover some of your losses – This is NOT TRUE in any respect. The best advice we can offer is for you to simply walk away if your funds are dwindling.

7.    Thou shall control your emotions

Just like in the real casinos, having outbursts, screaming and throwing a tantrum will get you escorted out the door by the men in black. The same is said for online casinos and the virtual rooms you choose to play in. Most if not all, online casino rooms offer a ‘chat applet’ for you to converse with other players. Getting frustrated or calling others names will only get you ‘Blacklisted’ and this is something you want to avoid.

8.    Thou shall always investigate the ‘Payout Options’

Through our Intro guide we offer advice on payouts and the basics of banking when it comes to online casinos. We advise you to read through all of it before opening an account and making a deposit. If you are already aware of the ins and outs, we advise you avoid online casinos that place fees on basic withdrawals. Look for another online casino that regards their clients with more respect.

9.    Thou shall always take a break

Never play for hours and hours on end. If you start to feel like your eyeballs are popping out of your skull, its time to get up and go for tea. Becoming obsessed with online gambling will only lead to an unpleasant end. Limit your time accordingly and take plenty of breaks in between. 

10. Thou shall always have fun

Keep in mind that online gambling is supposed to be entertaining with the possibility available to win some money. By following all of our commandments and using your head, there is no reason online gambling should become a thorn in your side. Sit back, grab a drink and enjoy the experience.

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