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Understanding Bonus Structures

When it comes to online gambling, most beginners tend to get confused when it comes to bonuses offered on your chosen casino site. The confusion can simply be about not understanding a damn thing, or worse, thinking you have just come across the opportunity of a lifetime. In order to get around this, you can simply brush up on your math skills, or better yet, look to a great site like this one to give you the down low and help you get through the jargon.

As you will soon find out, there are many promotional offers available through online casinos. Some are on the cheap side while others can be very generous. Online casinos do this for competitive reasons and to keep you coming back for more.

The bottom line and something that is no doubt easy for you to remember is, bonuses and promotional benefits are a WONDERFUL thing! More and more everyday, online casinos are popping out of the woodwork increasing the competition. As the competition rises, online casinos have no choice but to spread some of the wealth around. Believe us when we say, there is no harm in doing some research. Take sometime and look around and you may come across a site where you can’t type in your account information fast enough!

Welcome or Sign-up Offers

Each online casino site you visit, will have a ‘Welcome’ or ‘Sign-up bonus’ available for all new players. Depending on how these sites operate, the welcome bonus is usually promoted through percentages. Some are referred to as ‘Percentage Matches’ or ‘Percentage Bonus’. Let’s have a more detailed look at what this means by using a example:

Matched Bonus: One of the easiest and straightforward bonus structures available

The online casino in question offers a simple Match Bonus. In this example we will use $50. By signing up and depositing $50, the online casino ‘Matches’ that deposit exactly with $50. So, you end up with a grand total of $100. 

It seems easy and of course generous. One thing however, is you have to remember to read the small print which stipulates the conditions. Don’t get us wrong; the match bonus is one of the best and most generous. The only thing is, most online casinos offering this bonus put a condition on the withdrawal option.

Basically, it may take some time and extra cash to actually get your matched bonus from the casino. And let’s be completely honest here, if online casinos just matched the bonus and let you walk, they would more than likely go broke!

Percentage Matches or Percentage Bonus

Example: 320% welcome or sign-up bonus


We would like to welcome you to our casino and offer you the following bonus. Download or instant play and make your first deposit at our casino then simply claim your bonus.

Please select from the following 2 bonuses:
-25% bonus – up to $250
-High Roller Bonus – Deposit $5000 and receive bonus of $1000

Deposit: The minimum deposit to receive this bonus is $30
Bet/Wager Requirement: Bonus is subject to a turn requirement of x30

What does it mean?

Looking at the above example, our casino is offering a 320% welcome bonus. If you deposit $100 the casino will deposit $350 into your account. Very generous indeed! But, and I know how we all love the ‘buts’, there is one catch. In this example, the casino states: Bet/Wager Requirement: Bonus is subject to a turn requirement of x30

This means the player must bet their match bonus 30 times before the original bonus funds are released. This could result in hundreds if not thousands of dollars deposited by the player. This type of bonus is incredibly generous and sometimes other casino offer even more. We just ask you read carefully before depositing. But please do not worry about never seeing your money again. The facts are you will because of the highly competitive nature of online casinos.

Wagering Requirements

The online casino will give you the cash; there is no doubt about it. However, they will make sure their withdrawal rules keep your money safely within their account and only release it when they are good and ready to do so. Always read the ‘wage requirement’ carefully and fully understand the math.

Understanding Promotions

Online casinos promotional examples:
•    Loyalty Program
•    Refer a Friend
•    Monthly Cash Prizes

When you become a VIP member of the online casino you choose, they will offer certain perks to keep you around. These perks are sometimes referred to as Comps, or comp points. Every time you come to play, you will receive a number of points for gaming. In most cases the online casino will exchange your comp points for straight cash.

Just have a look under the VIP or Promotions heading on site to see the type of offers you will get by signing up. Like we stated before, a little extra time researching is always a good thing. You may find a very generous site willing to keep you at any cost.

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