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The title of this page speaks volumes. What is a myth?

A myth is simply a widely but untrue belief or idea. With myths, we associate these stories with ancient Hero’s of lore. So when it comes to online casinos or the live casinos as well, myths surround the nature of the games, just like it would anything else.

You probably have already seen countless advertisements on the net when checking out online casinos. There are plenty of people who claim they know the secret to beating the odds at almost every casino game. Not to say these individuals are not highly intelligent, because let’s face it – they know how to make a buck! They convince and dupe many into buying their books claiming to help you make thousands of dollars.

Let us assure you, there are no viable systems in online casinos, or live casinos for that matter. Most casino games are simply about chance. Just like you have a 50% chance of guessing the toss of a coin, the odds you will be right every time are astronomical. 

We have gathered a small list of the more famous system myths out there, each with a brief description. Once you read through these, trust us when we say logic will kick in and the myths will be quickly put to rest.

The 1-3-2-6 System

Our intro system puts a lot in perspective. As you will see, most systems involve simple math and increasing increments on a loss. Chasing after losses is one of the stupidest things any gambler can do.

The 1-3-2-6 systems combines raised and lowered bets in a four bet series. For example, if your original bet is $10, this system advises you to bet 10, then 15, then 20 and finally 60 on successive winning bets. The only problem is how do you predict the outcome of four successive plays? You can’t, it goes back to our coin toss scenario.

Martingale System

Used mainly in Roulette, the Martingale system was developed early in the 18th century somewhere in France. This system has a player doubling the next wager every time they lose. It goes on the assumption that eventually your color will come up, allowing you to cover all of your losses. (Black or Red)

For example:

































This system implies that after loosing a countless amount of times, by increasing the bet you stand to recover all your losses eventually. There are only a few problems with this system. Roulette tables cap the wager available for the table, so after loosing 7 or 8 times in a row, you may never recover your losses because the limit or maximum wager has been met. Another significant issue is simply running out of money.

D’Alenbert System

This system has you raise your wager by one after a loss and lower your wager by one after a win. By giving your self a limit or a maximum on your own money, you should be able to eventually lower the stake to zero. This system is far less aggressive then the Martingale system, which has you the double the wager after each loss.

Paroli System

This system just reverses in strategies to that of the D’Alenbert and Martingale systems. All you do is raise after a win and lower after a loss. 

By now logic should dictate that there is absolutely no scientific method behind any of these systems. Many will claim mathematics and try to convince you, that you can’t argue with the universal language of math. As you can see with your eyes these methods present nothing more than the average coin toss odds. Our last word is simple; do not fall for any of the hoopla involved in systems.

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