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Caribbean Poker

Caribbean (Stud) Poker is based off of five-card stud Poker. Caribbean is different in many ways and does not include using strategy or bluffing. This version of Poker is not as popular as the rest, however it holds a steady amount of fans, which enjoy it more on a social level of playing. Caribbean is available online for FREE play if you want to give it a try or see if it tickles your fancy.


The objective in Caribbean is different to that of regular Poker. Instead of trying to beat out other players, you are required to beat the ‘House’. 

Placing Your Poker Bets

Depending on the online casino your playing at, minimum bets are required. Usually the betting can start of low and most online casinos offer a ‘progressive jackpot’ for play. This makes Caribbean more of a slot game then table game.

In Play

•    Players play on a blackjack style table

•    There are three betting spots available on the table: The ‘Bet’, the ‘Ante’ and the spot marked for ‘Progressive Jackpot’.

•    A mandatory bet is placed in the ante box before the deal.

•    An optional bet can be placed in the progressive jackpot.

•    Player is dealt 5 cards. 

•    After examining the cards the player should decide whether to fold or call the dealer.

•    A bet must be placed equal in size to double the ante.

•    At this point the player should forfeit the ante if they wish to fold.

•    The player than places his/her cards face down on the table.

•    The dealer than collects the antes of that who folded and exposes his 4 cards.

•    The dealer will qualify by having an ace, king or higher.

•    If player hand qualifies for progressive jackpot, make the dealer turn over you’re hand, whether he qualifies or not.

•    Collect you’re winnings.

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