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The history and origins of Blackjack is another casino game to add to the vault of mystery surrounding the most popular form of card games in our world. However, the French are responsible for perfecting it the way we view it today. Known as ‘21’, it was by the 1930’s that Las Vegas gave the game the kick it needed to win over our hearts and minds. Vegas gave it the name ‘Blackjack’ because players could win ten times their original bet, if the first two cards dealt, were in fact an Ace and Jack of Spades. 

Placing Your Bet

Depending on the online casino, minimum bets are required. These wagers can be relatively low often enough. For more high rolling wagers, please review our listing of the best in online gambling in our review section. 


The object is simple and straightforward. The player tries to get as close to 21 without going over, or ‘Busting’ as it is referred to and beating out the dealer. 

Ace, either a 1 or an 11
Cards 2 through 9 are at face value (2=2, 3=3 and so on)
Cards 10, Jack, Queen and King are valued at 10.

In Play

You get a ‘Blackjack’, when you’re dealt an ace and value card equaling 10. If you want another card, you single the dealer, or ask for a ‘hit’. If you’re satisfied with your hand, you signal the dealer to ‘stand’. On the online world, these are usually in the form of clicking either one or the other.

Other options given are the ‘split’. Again appropriate options are given online, through easy to use graphics.

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