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Popular in-house and lot’s of fun online, Bingo is probably the most relaxing and entertaining games available online. Let’s start by dispelling the myth that Bingo is just for old ladies. 

A little Bingo never hurt anybody! Most of the gambling populace remembers and understands the game. With online Bingo, its possible to win over $50,000 and you can easily watch the jackpots grow. The chat applet available makes for a very entertaining afternoon. You can meet new people whilst playing with incredible software and amazing graphics. 

Some interesting facts

Research shows there are over 3 million online Bingo players
Most online Bingo player are under the age of 35


Wagering on Bingo can vary from casino site to casino site. However, the basic small wager is usually around $1 per ‘Virtual Card’. 

Object of Game

To get the most numbers called on one virtual card. Also referred to as a ‘Black-out’ or ‘Full-Card’. By having all numbers called on one virtual card, the player wins the jackpot amount. Most sites have a larger progressive jackpot if you win within the first 50 numbers. If no one has called Bingo after 50, the jackpot will be lowered.

Depending on particular site, some online bingo sites offer a variety of ways to win. Below are some of the most common lines.


Once again depending on Online Bingo Casino, prizes can vary depending on lines won, or jackpots for full cards. Check out our reviewed casinos for online Bingo and try it for FREE first.

General Glossary of Terms

75 Ball – Most common form of Bingo played with 75 balls. Popular version known in North America. The card grid is 5x5.

80 Ball – Played on 4x4 grid with extra five numbers. Prizes usually vary at 80 ball bingo. Common methods of winning are for horizontal, vertical and diagonal. Some Online casinos will offer different, four corners and full-house or black-out.

90 Ball – This is form is better known in the UK. Cards have 3 rows of 9 squares and each row has 5 numbers. Also available is ‘Turbo’ play, where a winner can take the jackpot with just one line. ‘Turbo’ as you can well imagine goes nice and quick.

Blackout – All of the numbers on a card must be called in order to win. AKA a full-card.

Free-space – Each card comes with a ‘free-space’ in the middle.

Full-House – AKA Blackout

Jackpot – Usually the extra prize for getting the required amount of lines or full-cards.

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