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Star Rating: 4.5 Star Rating for Betfair Casino

Online Review and Introduction of Betfair Casino

Betfair is well known for its unique betting exchange but it has been recently renovated to cater towards a more casual crowd.  The website is a lot better designed that it was last year, and they actually now dedicate some of their time to customer service! 

The previous problem with Betfair was that they just wanted “exchange” customers – they were not as user friendly to the casual gamer.  They now have remedied this problem and offer a straightforward website with a casino and exchange games that rival or perhaps just edge out their nearest competitors. 

They are a fully licensed and dependable casino – in fact they are the biggest exchange in the world and your money is secure with them.  You also get an opportunity to play other games such as poker, bingo and bet online using the same electronic identity.

Casino software

The casino software that is used by Betfair includes games from a variety of different sources.  You do not just have to be limited to Playtech or Microgaming, you can play games from NetEnt and a whole other range of games, including games from Betfairs own development team.  Betfair are one of the few casinos that allows outsiders to develop applications for the website – although this is not used in the casino for real customers it shows just how much effort they put into innovation and new ideas.

Casino games

The most famous games that Betfair is known for are their exchange games where instead of betting against the house, you are betting against other players.  The reason why this is popular is that the house edge is actually much better when you play against someone else than against a typical house.  In fact, there are games that you can play with no 'house edge' – Betfair makes its money from these games by taking a small commission from the winners – they can boast a significant improvement in odds for a wide selection of games. 

However, these games do come with their disadvantages as well.  Each bet needs to be matched with another player or a group of player’s bets. 

For example, if you are betting on roulette and you happen to bet $1000, you will need $1000 worth of bets on the black for the game to run.  It can take a while to find a matching bet so playing can be a frustrating wait which you don't get when you play in the virtual casino.

To make up for this, Betfair also offer virtual casino games, and also a live casino for those who want the casino atmosphere.

Bonuses and Promotions

Betfair offer a number of bonuses – these tend to change from week to week.  New players get a £300 welcome bonus.  They have also had no deposit bonuses in the past, and given extra bonuses to casino players who place bets on their sportsbook.  There are also frequent bonuses for their slot games of the week.

Customer Service

Betfair used to be poor for customer service but they have improved and now offer a free phone UK telephone line along with email support and twitter service.  They do not have a live chat link to their customer service.

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